I Dare You

Dear Readers,

This letter is not just for anyone, this is for those who likes challenges. This is for those who find adrenaline rush in dares. If you are the one who always suggests the game truth and dare in gatherings, well, you have landed at the right spot and it is of course for those who are kind enough to read it.

As humans, It is our natural instinct to accept the challenges we are offered. That feeling of accomplishment after completing the dare works like a drug to the body. Our body and mind is built to adapt and respond to the demands placed upon them which allows us to test our own limits everytime thus, helping us grow.

Well, today i have a challenge for you. I have a dare for you which i want you to accept and show me that you can complete the challenge.

I Dare you to be Kind.

Be kind, not just to others, but yourself too. Being too hard on yourself will result in nothing but sadness in your heart. Kindness doesn’t necessarily have to be big tasks, it could be as small as holding the door open for someone or helping someone with the bags or just passing a smile to someone standing with you in a queue. simple right? and hey! it costs nothing and don’t we Indians likes free stuff?

I Dare you to stop depending upon “Chaar Log”.

Stop seeking validation from the “chaar log” for every decision you take. “Chaar log kya kahenge?” Who are these “chaar log” anyway? And why are they always talking? Has anyone even seen them? Always so judgy and so dominating, working like a dictator on every ones lives. I say, Screw those 4 people.

And let me tell you, even if think of these people as important, they are not as important as YOU. What you think about Your life, your dreams and your decisions will always be more important than what THEY think. So dont let them or anyone for that matter influence your way of life.

I Dare you to Fight.

Fight for your dreams and chase them like Tom chases Jerry. Never giving up on him. The chase might hurt you, will make you fall down a couple of times, it might even frighten you but don’t give up. Living your dream will make all those downfalls worth it.

After all, its always better to lose after trying than not trying at all. makes sense, right? Because, lets admit, the chances of achieving your dream are higher when you are trying than when you are just complaining about how u didn’t make it. Just like Bhalla aunty in my neighbor who is always complaining about how phones have destroyed the lives of people yet always being online sending the whatsapp forward messages to everyone all day. ALL DAY.

I Dare you to Believe

That little nagging voice in your head, telling you that you can’t do it, that you will never be good enough, that you will fail, well do yourself a favor and show him the door to the exit. It is doing nothing but sowing the seed of doubt in your mind, making you doubt your own capabilities.You need to Believe that you can do whatever you set your heart onto. You CAN. And that is the only truth you need to know. YOU CAN. All you need is to Believe. Believe in your capabilities. Believe in yourself. And then just let that Belief pave the way for you.
I Dare you.

The Girl, who Accepted the Challenge.

Komal has announced a prize money for whoever finds the “Chaar log”. The amount is huge so if anyone has seen them, contact her as soon as possible. She will arrange an independence party, that of course if those chaar log approve of it.

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