Life Of A Ghost

“Ron, where the heck are you? make yourself visible” Frank said

The glass on the window fell with a shattering sound echoing in the empty dark room.

The only source of light was the lantern lamp hanging in the air. The dark wooden antique style of furniture pieces looked just as new as they were when they were bought from the very famous market of their world, Dugoon Market.”(which literally translates to bloody market.)

“Ron, I know you are here” Frank said.

The black curtains on the window with white skulls printed on it , started to move even though there was no wind blowing. He walked to the window and moved the curtains and peeked behind them but there was no one in the hiding .As soon as he turned around, a sad violin piece of music started to play on its own. The hollow walls were returning the sound making it ring in his ears.

“Come on Ron, I got no time for jokes”

“whats up Frank”  Frank turned around and jumped in surprise. Hanging from the ceiling was Ron upside down. Dressed in a black Van Heusen shirt with dark wash levi’s, his shoulder length black hair too reacted to the gravity. His hands folded and his one leg  resting over the other would have made a good pose for the Annual Dead Magazine but hanging from the ceiling in this pose made me look like one of those male lead actors from the second grade movies.

His wiggling eyebrows, a smirk playing on his lips and the flickring light creating shadows on his face made him look more intimidating than he already was.

Frank only looked at him with his eyes wide open. Ron got down and stood in front of frank straightening his shirt.

“Welcome to the evil world frank” Ron said rubbing his hands , a smirk playing on his lips.

“Wow, Ron you almost scared the heaven out of me” frank said with a straight face.

“but you have no heaven in you” ron looked at him with confusion

“Exactly.you did not scare me. is this what they have been teaching you? will need to have a word with the authorities.”

“You will rot in hell frank” Ron said offended

“Sure” Frank chuckled and pulled out a rolled parchment from the pocket of his dark wash LEVI’s jeans.

The parchment was rolled very messily and had lots of blood stains on it. He unrolled it and handed it over to Ron.

“okay Read this”



(est. 1531 by Robert A. Ghostary)


This is to inform all the Ghosts of HELL OF DEAD COMMUNITY that a seminar on “HOW TO SCARE PEOPLE EFFECTIVELY” will be conducted by the witches from RIVET WITCHCRAFT HOUSE, Ohio at the DRIPPING BLOOD HALL at 3 A.M on 20th December 2015. All the ghosts interested can give their names to the undersigned.

P.S- dress code for the seminar is black robe and a candle. Admission into the hall will not be permitted if dress code is not followed.



(Head Ghost )


“Witches from ohio? Wow. They are hot. ” Ron murmured

“Extremely” frank said with a deep sigh. “Ron, would you mind coming with me to the cold blood street after the seminar? We could grab our usual glass of blood like we used to?“

“yeah sure frank. That would be awesome. Also I can buy different colored lenses from there. These red ones are bor…”

The sound of running steps stopped Ron from completing his sentence. Frank looked at Ron and before he could deny the accusation the door of the room opened wide and then shut itself.

“don’t look at me like I am doing all this” Ron whispered.

They tiptoed to the door and opened it. A small girl of around 9 was hiding behind the stairs probably wondering that now she was dead, no one could see her, but she was in the dead world and here , everybody could see everybody.

“yes? Can I help you?” frank asked.

The girl was disappointed that she was not yet invisible. She came out and walked slowly towards them.

“umm..yeah.. actually I was looking for this address” she handed over a piece of paper to Ron and pointed to a particular line.

It didn’t take long for Ron and frank to figure out what it was. They too had received the same letter 3 years back.

“so you are a fresher” frank asked. She nodded.

School Of The Dead and Evil, Hell

estb- 1402

Evil jasmine,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the School Of the Dead and Evil, Hell. Please find the enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment’s required for this year.

Term begins on 1st January. We expect you to be thorough with the rules and regulations when you arrive for the orientation ceremony.

Yours sincerely

Rodger Cole

(Head professor)



First year students will require-

1.Plain shirt (white)

2.Pair of Bottoms (black)

3.Black robe

4.Black pair of socks


Course Books

All first year deads should carry a copy of each of the following-


  1. The History of The Dead – by L.M Harp
  2. The Book of Afterlife cheats – by Cole. R. James
  3. A Beginners Guide to Ghost Psychology by Bob Litmus
  4. The Science for one and all by Patricia Thomas
  5. A  Guide to makeup for ghosts by Jerry Simpson


(The course books are available in the Red Horns Stationary, Cold Blood Street, D lane, hell)



8:00 am to 5:00 pm

All the students are expected to be present in their respected classes on time.


“you have come the opposite way, this stationary is on the other side of this building. Go straight and take the elevators to the basement.” Frank told her.

She thanked the boys and ran to her destination.

“just a few years back, we too were lost like her. Time flies in this world too damn.”

“yeah now please go and get ready you have a duty in the big house near the lake again. ”

“WHAT? No frank I am tired I cant do that right now” Ron whined

“Ron you will have to go..Tim will cut your salary otherwise”

“Frank I am so tired, I went to this lake house yesterday and this fat bald man was just not letting it go, the more I tried to scare him the more he kept looking for me. Seriously how dumb can these humans be? I mean if I were in his place I would get under the blankets and wait until morning.”

Frank laughed “well yes, we as humans are dumber than we are as spirits.”

“I know right?  anyway where was your posting yesterday?” Ron asked

“I went to this girls hostel where they were just having fun with the Ouija Board and just when I thought I would get free early, it comes out they were actually very brave and kept asking me questions about some Sara Matthews. Who the hell is this SARA MATTHEWS?” frank added

“wow she seems pretty famous already. Sara is the new intern i have to take along today ” frank said. “ poor soul, she is so nervous about her first haunting she has been practicing unhinging her head and holding it in her hands since morning.”

“oh the same girl who was walking through the doors? Does she even know that she can just walk through the walls now?”

“Give her a break, will you? she will learn it all. Its her first year for Satan’s sake. “ frank said “now go change into your uniform and leave”

“oh I see someone is being defensive now.” Frank said wiggling his eyebrows.

“oh shut up. She is new and I just know it, she will make a good ghost.” He smiled and stared at the floor.

“well who knew the emotion of love will follow us in the afterlife as well?”

“ This only proves that LOVE IS INDEED EVIL. Hell is where it belongs.”

“okay Mr. Philosopher, ill go. But I am only going to slam the door shut on his face or maybe just turn the lights off and then ill leave.” He said while walking towards his wardrobe to pick out his uniform.

As soon as he opened the door ,Ron yelled “what the bloody hell?”

Inside the wardrobe was Frank standing with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Welcome to the Evil World, Ron.” He smirked.



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