The Monster Is Back

The Exam season is back and no one is happily welcoming it. Considered as one of the most important season in our country, it comes at least twice every year and lasts for almost a month each time.The nights during this time are long and the days are comparatively short. With the commencement of this season, commences the tension, fevers, late night studies etc. No wonder why we all hate this monster.

So the monster is on the way and in college, students can be seen with books , probably bought only a day before , sitting around trying to cram the notes. Well, some of them are only counting the number of pages they have to cram before the exam day.

Sitting by the stairs, in the corner of the building, my friends and I were “studying” for the exam. Well that is if you consider ranting about how the college sucks, or taking out our frustrations about the exams and how the whole system should change as “ studying” then yes ofcourse we were studying hard.

One frustration filled question from my friend had me wondering about this dreadful event in every students life. – “ EXAMS HOTE KYUN HAI?”

I am sure this is a familiar question for you, we all say it or hear it at least once before every exam.

Do you have the same question? Well don’t worry, today this post will answer this 20 MARKS question for you.

Answer – Exams are defined as a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill. They play a very important role in a student’s life.

Exams are considered important due to the following reasons-

  • To Test Ones Potential – I don’t understand why people are against these examinations. I mean come on, it is such an incredible way to test ones knowledge about some of  the subjects they are probably NOT even interested in. You don’t like science? Well, who cares? You still have to take the exam as that will help you know your mugging power i.e how much your brain can mug up about the things you don’t even understand properly.
  • Bright Future–  This is one of the major reasons why exams are conducted. The result determines your brightness as a student. It helps you to know if you will get a good college for higher studies. Also, the two digit numbers on a sheet of paper will decide if you will be successful in life. If you score 90+ then you are obviously an asset for the country.
  • Stress handling capacity– exams test your pressure taking capacity. The stress starts months before exams and continues till the last minute of the last exam. The students turn into pressure cookers and the countdown begins for the whistle to go off. Some of them are not able to make it and have multiple break downs while others just carry on some how, questioning the existence of the monster every night, compromising with their physical as well as mental health. and this is not a one time event, this occurs atleast twice every year so that makes the students more capable for handling the stress.
  • Competition life is a race. You have to run fast to win. In schools , this changes to “exams are approaching, learn and copy paste to top.” Here, education is twisted is a way where students learn not for the knowledge but to score better than the others. They study because the questions MIGHT be asked in the exam, not because it will help them in the future. And god forbid if you don’t top or score in 90’s, you are obviously not worth it. So to help you make you a worthy student, the concept of exams was being brought up.
  • 3 hour-long capability to sit and write – exams are important because hey! How else would you know if your back can tolerate the hard wooden chairs for three long hours? You cannot even stand and take a walk or give your muscles a break and racking your brains while sitting in a very uncomfortable environment is something you can learn nowhere else. Now this is a very important lesson in a students life.
  • Teachings are useful– well , who cares if I don’t know how to pay bills, atleast I know in which year Shahjahan was born. I am sure this information will get me a lot of jobs. Right? Also, every thing that we are taught is important from the “point of view of examination” not from the “point of view of life” this in itself underlines how essential they are in one’s life.
  • Life is unfair– exams teach us how those three hours determine your future. who cares if you are a knowledgeable student, the capacity to learn the things written in text books and copy the same thing in those three hours is something wanted in brilliant students. And exams help us find those excellent students. It’s all about luck, if your mind and your memory is on your side in those three dreadful hours then you win otherwise there is a need to pray a little more before sitting in the examination hall. Who said life is fair?

Komal  thinks the answer is not long enough to fetch her 20 marks and so she thinks she  is not a bright student and is afraid about her future. She should have learned the birth years of the rulers properly. Can anyone give her tuitions? She will pay you with all the tears she sheds when she goes to sleep crying everyday thinking about her future.

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